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使用: tesseract test.jpg -l  engTesseract是图盲,默认情况下只能看得懂未压缩的TIFF图像,如果直接用tesseract处理其它格式的图片,会报错如下: name_to_image_type:Error:Unrecognized image type:test.jpgIMAGE::read_header:Error:Can't read this image type:test.jpgtesseract:Error:Read of file failed:test.jpg所以我们需要用ImageMagick来转换图片格式。安装ImageMagick:sudo apt-get install imagemagick使用imagemagick转换图片格式:convert -compress none -depth 8 -alpha off  test.jpg  test.tif使用tesseract,结果保存在out.txt中tesseract test.tif out问题:如...
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tesseract运行报错:tesseract: error while loading shared libraries:

遇到这个错误$ tesseract foo.png bar tesseract: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory You need to update the cache for the runtime linker. The following should get you up and running:$ sudo ldconfig...
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